Rev. Fr. Dudly Attanayake
Full Name:Attanayake Nicholas Dudley Loyola Fernando
Date of Birth: 10th of December 1939
Home Parish: St. Jame’s Parish – Mutwal, Colombo 15
Home Diocese: Colombo
Baptism Date:Place: St. Jame’s Church Mutwal
Baptized by: Revd. Fr. Burgois, OMI
Father’s Name:Attanayake Simon Cyril Fernando
Father’s Occupation: Accountant
Mother’s Name: Florence Grace Fernando
Mother’s Occupation: House Wife
Brothers and Sisters1. Antoinette Roselelle Fernando Date of Birth - 1938.04.27 (dead)2. Maxwell Roger FernandoDate of Birth - 19413. Srinee FernandoDate of Birth – 1943.12.034. Earl Boyl FernandoDate of Birth– 1945 (dead)5. Shanta FernandoDate of Birth - 19476. Priyani FernandoDate of Birth – 1951.04.28Minor Seminary
Period of Stay:From 11th January 1957 to 22 Aug 1958
Name of the Rector: Revd. Fr. GillbertWijeratna
Name of the Priest who recommended you to the Seminary: Revd. Fr. Austin LanzaIntermediate SeminaryPeriod of Stay: From ToName of the Rector: 1. - 2. -Major Seminary*PhilosophatePeriod of Stay: From: September 1958 To: August 1962Name of the Director: 1. Revd. Fr. Fred Sackett, OMI2.*Year of Discernment / Regency / Pastoral yearPlace of work (Name of the Company / Parish): Minor Seminary - KaleganaPeriod of Work: From: September 1962 to: September 1963*TheogatePeriod of Stay: From: 1962to: 1966Name of the Rector: 1. Revd. Fr. Dalston Forbes OMI2. Revd. Fr. Jim Cooke OMIDiaconateDate : 1964Place:Major Seminary, AmpitiyaImparted by:Bishop Leo Nanayakkara OSBOrdinationDate:21st December 1966Place:St. Mary’s Cathedral, GalleImparted by:Bishop of Galle, Mgr. Anthony de SeramOthers in the group:Revd. Fr. Aloysius Perera (Presently at Home for the Elders Galle) Revd. Fr. Felix Perera (dead)Appointments as a Priest
No Nature of the Appointment Period Appointed to Hiniduma January 1967 – April 1967 Jaffna at St. Patrick’s College – Tamil Immersion May 1967 – January 1968 In Murugan – Mannar district 1968 – April 1969 Assistant in Kegalle June 1969 – January 1972 Assistant in Deniyaya 1972 – January 1973 In Yatiyantota Parish Priest 1973 – January 1976 In Philippines , Cagnyande Oro –Searsolin 1976 – October 1977 Back in Yatiyantota , Parish Priest 1977 – 1978 Director of SED GALLE , Dehiowita 1978 – 1983 Alternate Apostolate in Social develop @ CSR 1983 – 1987 “ Gami – Sawiya ‘ village develop and development work Southern Province 1988 – 1994 Sethmini Director at Ratnapura 1996 – 2003 Godakawela Looked after Church as Assistant 2004 Hewadiwela Parish Priest 2005 – 2006 Kudagama Parish Priest 2006 – 2007 Bulathkohupitiya 2007 – 2008 Balangoda Relief July 2008 – December 2008 Tanjantenna as Assistant to Balangoda 2009 – 2010 Appointed to Comm. Of the Risen Lord – CRL 2011Higher studies: Social and Economic development diploma at Philippines Cagnyande Oro –Searsolin 1976 – 1978

Bishop Cletus Chandrasiri

Bishop Cletus Chandrasiri Perera O.S.B.

Upcoming Events


16th to 18th of November: Exam paper corrections


The Family Day of Kegalle Deanery at Kudagama


20th of November: The Annual Book Exhibition and selling


2nd of December: Beginning of Sunday school holidays for the third term


2nd of December: Bible Sunday


15th of December: Christmas gathering of the Catechists